Autumn Growing

It was like going to a city you’ve once known well, but everything is different. Actually everything is still the same, it’s you that’s changed. You struggle to fit back into your comfortable old self, like an old pair of pants that only looks good in memory. The words don’t come as easily. The concepts are foggy, just barely beyond recognition; I dropped something, but not so long ago that I’ve forgotten what it was.

I’m glad to be here. There is discomfort, but it comes from growing in the right direction. Surrounded by “my people”: people who share my beliefs and values and excitement about how the world could be. We do introductions and I’m stumbling to explain my presence, struggling to move beyond the label of med student—I care about this truly, not because it is part of the curriculum, I used to be part of this too.

We spend the day in a garden with a high-school class that was too cool. Until they went into the garden to find seeds.  Then it was all eating and laughing and comparing and arguing. Real life. Real food. Nature. Plants. Everything was tangible, available to eat and touch and smell and squish.

It was a lot of growth for the end of the season.

One thought on “Autumn Growing

  1. Brilliant!! You have articulated very well in a day journey of how life is moving forward and be appreciated for things we learn and grow with every day.

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