Comfort in the Solitude: Lessons from Travelling Alone.

Try not to spend your moments alone anxiously seeking the company of strangers. Be alone, enjoy the stillness, and cherish the chance encounters as they sprinkle your path.

There will be times when you walk over to the campsite of your new friends to say goodbye, only to find crop circles and garbage. But the wave of sadness doesn’t quite crash because by now you realize the end result would have been the same. You will learn not to have unrealistic expectations: everlasting friendship—or even just a weekend of it; romance. These are the subjects of b/hollywood movies and we are not all Ryan Gosling. Try as we might.

When people want to talk, they talk. Don’t force it and don’t take it personally. Books can keep you company.

Interesting things happen when you have to make decisions by yourself… no one to defer to, to seek advice from. You’ll try to make them fearlessly, and look back later to see what they meant. So many amazing experiences are random it makes no sense to try to micromanage your outcomes. However, you should always take the empty seat next to the pretty girl… just in case.

Over time you learn how to appreciate being alone, but you also learn how to appreciate company. Good company. When there is freedom from the need to surround yourself with mediocre company just to stave off loneliness, you will have found comfort in the solitude.

One thought on “Comfort in the Solitude: Lessons from Travelling Alone.

  1. I appreciate a thoughful writer who speaks from personal experience, taking comfort in his solitude; something that most of us are uneasy to connect to in this day & age of technology.

    However, there are a few notions I agree to disagree……personally speaking there is a great knowing & exchange of knowledge that takes place when one is in the company of others. Yes! even the “mediocare” ones…..each one of us has something to learn from the other…hence our existence within a society and a community….
    It is perhaps easier to confine oneself to enjoy ones company; But a bigger knowing of self comes from placing ourselves among the chaos of others, yet genuinely connecting to our innate self of knowing…….an elegance in solitude!

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