Defining Moments

Joy: Full-bodied, full-spirited wrestling on a grassy knoll overlooking the beach. Laying on your back panting at the sky after agreeing to a draw. Noticing your shorts are completely dirty because, well, you played in the dirt.

Simplicity: Standing naked with a bucket of water.

Helplessness: Knowing nothing you do will make the sick, softly crying baby feel better in this moment.

Patience: The waiting period between when you apply the Afterbite and when it takes effect.

Peace: Standing outside beneath the stars during a power outage, singing an impromptu acoustic cover of “Hallelujah”.

Spontaneity: Going from audience member to honourary tambourine/djembe player for a live band, thanks to some opportune eye contact.

Gratitude: When all of the above happens in one day.

4 thoughts on “Defining Moments

  1. This was cute. Reminded me of those master card commercials – priceless experiences that you just can’t buy

  2. Being aware of specical moments for what they are, and having the heart and the spirit to appreciate them for what they are is a sure sign of an enlightened soul. Thanks for sharing.

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