The Briefing

Hello friends, family, and internet creepers; welcome to my new blog! This will start out as a travel blog, since I just landed in Ghana (and if you didn’t already know that you probably fall into the 3rd group). Let’s establish some basic information:

How’d I swing an internship in Ghana?
I found a random flyer at school, thought it sounded interesting, and decided to jump through the hoops and apply. The three of us who applied are the three of us who get to go, so the most impressive thing about this whole process is really just my propensity for reading random pieces of paper. This is due in part to my New Year’s resolution to pursue my passions more intentionally.

What am I doing?
We found out today we will be doing something with the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana. This is the Plan C. Plan A was initially a project in a small town, which fell through for reasons unclear to me. Plan B was at the University Teaching Hospital, but they are on strike. And plan C is PPAG. More details to follow.

The internship is facilitated through the University of Cape Coast, where we are also staying,

Who is ‘we’?
Myself, Daniella, and Maggie.

The program is called “Students for Development”. Daniella and I didn’t feel that we as undergrads had a lot to contribute to “development”, especially considering the internship was funded by CIDA. We wrote a letter to the University Of Cape Coast (below) outlining our concerns. Stay tuned to see how this develops.

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